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a seedy tv drama to be screened around midday

(her father and his lawyer and the exquisite corpse)

2/28/11 01:29 pm

i am ashamed to admit that andrew wk is my new life coach
how i learned to stop worrying and love the party

if you do not already totally dig on andrew wk and his way of life, please, read this first: cracked.com: What Andrew WK's Twitter Taught Me About Life

so, after reading that article some months ago, i added andrew wk on my twitter. why the hell not? some of the stuff he says was amusing to me, like "PARTY TIP: Even if you don't eat meat, you can still have fun with it." at first it was just silly and enjoyable, and i even sat in on a few of his stickam webchats. but somewhere along the way, between his webchats and his party tips and his reposted interviews, the whole thing just sort of sunk into me. it's a little ridiculous that it came from andrew wk of all people, but what can ya do? he espouses an incredibly simple life philosophy that i've tried to personally espouse for most of my life, but AWK was just able to put it into terms that worked for me. and it is thus:

is your situation party?
if yes: fuck yes! party!
if no: why not? MAKE IT PARTY.

that's it. that's the end of it. don't waste your time not partying.

at first, i wasn't really grasping it, because i thought his definition of party met the more conventional one. who can party all the fucking time without having a lot of money to keep them from having to work hungover? but then i started to realise, you just bring the party, and BE the party, at everything you do. taking a shower, but taking a minute to enjoy just being in the shower, quiet, with nothing else going on? party. singing your face off in the shower? party. curling up in bed and reading for eight hours straight? absolutely fucking party. doing the dishes? oh hell yes, that can SO be party.

it comes down to this: you have to do a lot of shit. you have to go to work, you have to do the dishes, you have to sit in line at the bank. this shit is gonna get done whether you enjoy it or not, so why not just put out the additional small amount of effort it takes to enjoy it?

make it party.

and yeah, i'm a little embarrassed that this comes to me from andrew wk. but you know what? once i started looking at everything with the idea of "well, how can i make this party?" i have had SUCH A GOOD FUCKING TIME WITH MY LIFE. my bad moods are few and far between, and i look at each task with this amazing enthusiasm. today, you know what my party is? chugging down an energy drink and cleaning my room. LOTS of my room. while watching pre-recorded academy awards. before i learned to love the party? this would be a chore. something to avoid, to put off, to whine about and kick and fuss.

today? i am rocking the fuck out of this shit. to be honest? i'm excited to go clean my room. fuck yes.

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